The Deep River Lawn Bowling Club (DRLBC) is a very active club with lawn bowling and social activities, and is dedicated to the enjoyment of this great game. Our bowling green is well-maintained and in excellent condition, and we have a spacious and well-appointed clubhouse.

Bowling Activities:

Our program includes a variety of activities for both serious and not-so-serious bowlers:

  • Four “jitneys” (social lawn bowling) events per week, on Tuesday and Friday mornings, Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.
  • A house league of singles competition, offering one game per week throughout the season.
  • A series of ten club tournaments that provide friendly competition, featuring pairs and triples formats with random draw for partners, also men’s and ladies’ singles events.
  • Four “Fun day” tournaments.
  • Three “invitational” tournaments that attract serious bowlers from other clubs in the district. Some of us also go to out-of-town tournaments at other clubs.

Social Activities:

On the purely social side, we have a number of fun evenings during the summer, extending to occasional dinners during the winter months. Summer activities at the clubhouse include dinners, trivia nights and weekly social bridge evenings open to the public.

Last year, several local groups asked to use our facility for an evening of lawn bowling and socializing. For such events, we provide a bowling demonstration and coaches to assist in the game. The club gladly hosts bowling days for groups, and the clubhouse is available for use by non-members, with details available on request. For more information regarding special events, please contact Barbara Stephens at 613-584-9210.